From the Inside Out

This morning for service, I traveled with my parents to a church that I had never been before. At first glance, it didn’t look like much. The people were older, rhythmically challenged (lol), and quite unique. They were very quiet and few in number. My parents had been saying how much they enjoyed this church because of this and that, but from my perspective, I didn’t see it. At all. In my opinion, this church was going to be overflowing with people, dressed a certain way, acting a certain way, etc. but this just wasn’t the case. 

It was in that instant that The Lord reminded me of a quote that I had seen that states, “God doesn’t call the qualified, but He qualifies the called”.  Then I realized, you can’t look at people based off of what you see with your own eyes. You don’t know what trials that they have overcome or what kinds of gifts have been placed within them. Our eyes can only see what is in front of us. It is important to embrace people with the love of Christ, as He looks to the heart. On the inside. Not on what they may look like on the outside. 

This is also a testament to how we look at ourselves. There have been many times where I’ve looked in the mirror and thought to myself, “What good am I to anyone else? I lack this and that, still struggle with this and that, not good at this or that.” But in these moments we have to remember, that God has created all of us for a purpose. There is a reason that He continues to wake us up each and every day. Why our story is still being unfolded and we have to trust in Him to show us the way, teach us, and continue to guide us along the way. 

Just like how I didn’t fully see the greatness that existed within that church until after the service was over, we must wait to see all of the greatness that God has placed in us once everything is said and done. Ask Him to open your eyes to see others the way that He sees them along with seeing yourself the way that He sees you. I guarantee that it will blow your mind. I know He is blowing mine more and more each day. 

I would also like to say, that the church service was so very blessed and it most definitely touched my heart. I definitely understand the perspective of my parents, seeing what they had been telling me all along. I would have never gotten to that point had I only trusted my own sight. For that I thank God. 

“Some of God’s most precious gifts are placed in the last place that you would think they could be found.”

Be encouraged this week. ❤️

– J.