The Waiting Game. 

Patience. Boy, oh boy. About that word. You know, it’s quite interesting the dynamic of that word and it’s true meaning. Google defines it as, “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious”. Accepting delay, problems, or suffering, without becoming annoyed or anxious. Wow! Let me just be honest when I say that patience is something that I have always and still do struggle with to this very day. I think it’s because I like to be able to do certain things when I want to do them. I mean, I have good intentions in doing things, I’m not out to hurt anything or anyone, I just want to make this……or that thing happen when I want to. What’s so bad about that?

Well let me tell you (and myself) something. This is NOT how God works. Not even a little bit. Have you ever heard the saying,” If you want to make the Lord laugh, tell Him what YOU’VE got planned.”? There are no truer words than that. I am realizing that even with my good intentions, we still have to wait for the things that we want, even when we may not fully understand why. It is ALSO our job to mind our behaviors and attitudes while we are waiting because God is watching us to see how we act when we are forced to wait on His timing, not our own. 

I think part of my issue is independence. I really enjoy being able to do for myself and not feeling like I need to ask others for help. Fortunately (sometimes it feels unfortunate), God doesn’t want us to be that way because of we don’t need anyone, at times He may fall into that category as well. As a result, He puts us in certain situations to where we have no choice but to lean on Him, trust, & wait on Him to make things happen in His.We must ALWAYS go to and count on God. And trust me, it is not always comfortable. Certainly for me. To just let go. To just let God. But I will promise you this, we must learn to do just that. Get outside of trying to make things happen on our own and wait on God to bring things to your life at the right time. In the process, we have to ask Him to comfort us and allow us to learn from waiting and being patient. 

What I will say however, is that if you do ask for patience, God will give you JUST THAT and give you something to wait on. Be careful what you ask for. Lol. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be actively taking steps towards your goals because faith without works in D E A D. However, if you notice that there seems to be something that constantly prohibits you from getting to a certain point, ask God to show you the direction and often times you will have to wait on Him, as well. But I say without a shadow of a doubt that it it always worth the wait. 
I thank God for the development and growing that He is doing in me right now. And though it is EXTREMELY uncomfortable, I know that I am growing as a woman along with knowing that I will have even more of an appreciation once I do get to the end goal. 

“If you’re always comfortable, then you’re not growing” 

Be encouraged because God loves you and so do I!

– J. 


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  1. “It is ALSO our job to mind our behaviors and attitudes while we are waiting because God is watching us to see how we act when we are forced to wait on His timing, not our own.” – honey say that!! Are you watching yours? I’m over here trying!

    Good read!

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