If someone were to ask you what your biggest fear was, what would it be? Death? Failure? Letting your family down? Losing a loved one? Losing a job? Your partner leaving you? If someone were to ask me my deepest fear, that would be simple. My deepest fear has always been, the potential that I have. The potential of what I could be if I gave 100% of myself. Sounds ridiculous right? If I were to give it all I had, I could achieve some amazing things, what’s so scary about that?  

The fear of the unknown. Of what things would lie ahead of me if I really did come out of my comfort zone. If I really did fight with everything that I had. I’m comfortable where I am now. I know that we have all grown and change with time and we get those things that we want blah blah blah. But there have been so many times where I’ve done just average and that was good enough for me because of my fear off breaking out. It was familiar and that was where I felt safest. 

This means one thing: I still don’t fully trust God. If God is the Creator of all things, the author and finisher of our faith, why would He not be more than aware of the wonders that He has in store for me life? It’s like I don’t want to let go of the place that I’m in now because I’m comfortable here. I know what it’s like here, in this mindset. It’s all about the mindset. I have to break out. I have to. If you are anything like me, the thought of the unknown scares you more than you can explain. And if you don’t have this feeling, do count your blessings. Once you overcome the mind, you can overcome anything. Literally anything. I have to overcome my mind. 

For example, what if I really put the hamburgers down, planned my meals, actually ate them, worked out consistently, & man tuned peace in my life. I could become one of the healthiest people that I know. But I often find it comfortable to keep eating White Castle or whatever. It tastes good and it’s where I decide to stay when I really don’t feel like committing. Now this can been seen as extreme but just think about it. 

What if you really gave your 100%, decided to leave your comfort zone, trusted God, with EVERYTHING, and acknowledged that even though you don’t know what’s ahead, God does and he’s got you?

God. I need you to help me to break out. To overcome this fear. Because fear is not from You. In you, there is no fear because You have everything under control and planned the exact way that it’s supposed to happen. You ordered my steps before I was even born. You know everything that is for my life. The good and the bad. Break the chains of fear from my life. My job is to trust You, rely on You, be lead by You, and give it all that I have. Please continue to help me to let go of where I feel comfortable, and to move into the unionize with the All-Knowing God. To be lead by you. I love you Jesus. Thank you! 

I pray your peace as you continue on this week, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Go the extra mile in something that you don’t normally do. See how things begin to change for you for the better. 
– J. ❤️


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  1. “But what does letting go look like?” I often have to tell myself to stop dreaming and thinking about it and to just do it!! Experiencing life without being handicapped by fear is so freeing and rewarding!!!

    Blessings to you Hun!


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