My prayer for him. 🙏🏾❤️


I thank you for loving me enough to share with me the Earthly form of true love with another person. I thank you for his life. For Your timing in bringing us together and for preparing now to spend the rest of our lives with one another. Even now before we meet, I pray for his life. I ask that you will cover him, provide for him, pull on his spirit to be closer to You, love on him, bless him, give him wisdom, strengthen him and so much more. I pray a hedge of protection over him from the crown of his head, to the soles of his feet. Mind, body, and spirit. Give him a hunger for you. A passion for your heart. Cause him to lead our family to church and not have to be dragged. I pray that he will seek you out in all things, give you the head of his life and of our family. 

He will be sensitive to your Holy Spirit. Surround him with men and women who are going to pour into him about who You are and also give him wisdom for the years to come. I pray for him to show compassion, a drive like nothing before, patience, understanding, selflessness, and an open mind. I pray that he will be the chief of our home, he will command respect, but that he will show a compassion and love for people. God, I pray that we will pray together, worship together, laugh together, play together, travel, cook, clean, exercise, experience life, and goof off together too. That we will be the best of friends. For trust, honesty, integrity, and good character. I ask that after marriage, we will have great physical chemistry and want to please each other even more. I ask for mental chemistry, stimulating conversation. Support of one another. Give to one another. Motivate each other. Give to others. I ask that we will have a love so strong that NOTHING will break us apart. We will inspire others to know that You are real because of how much we lean on You as we love each other. That we will fight together and not each  know the desires of my heart as well as his. 

 I ask that you will give him all of the qualities of a great Godly husband and an interactive and involved father to our future children. As you prepare him, I ask that you would keep preparing me too. Help to keep learning to submit to him and allowing him to be the head of our household. Please change my heart and my mind so that it will better align with your will as a Godly woman, a submissive wife, a help meet, and a great and involved mother. Be with me to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit, same with my husband, and show me to better chose me battles. I want to honor you by honoring him even when I would rather be selfish. Break me of selfishness, nagging, negativity, and so many other things that would hinder my marriage. I thank you for the examples that I have now and for other ways that you are pouring into me. God, I pray a special prayer for my future in-laws as well. I ask that we will have a great relationship and bond. I also pray covering and protection over their family as well. Any of them who don’t know you, I pray that they will. 

God I thank you because I know it’s already done. And I celebrate in the fact that my earthly King is much closer than I imagined. But I trust in the timing because I don’t want anything before its time. Thank you Jesus for grace and this is only the beginning. I love you. 

– J. ❤️



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