All in Him. â¤ï¸

Do you ever feel like once you get out of one tough thing, you fall right into another? I mean like LITERALLY, haven’t even rested good and it’s on to another thing? More drama. More nonsense. More worries and stress. Or even sometimes you feel like it all comes at once to the point where you feel like the wind keeps getting knocked out of you? I know I do sometimes and it makes me wonder, “God, where are you?” “Why does this keep happening to me?” “I’ve committed my life to you, why am I facing all of these troubles?” I want to let you in on a little secret. God has never left you. Ever. He’s there with you even in the midst of the storm. He wants to see if you are truly going to believe in Him the way that you were when everything was going well in your life. Or not. He wants to know that you are still relying solely on Him. And not yourself to get though. 

I have this problem. Remember when I told you that I am super independent? I like to feel like I have it all on my own. Like, I’m smart enough to figure it out. Unfortunately, I don’t. We don’t. At. All. If we knew everything that was going to happen and when it was going to happen, and were able to figure everything out on our own, do you think that we would still need God like we do now? Negative. Not even a little bit. We’d be on our own and that’s not okay. God wants to, and will if you let Him, bless us. He has som much in store for us. But that may often mean Him taking through storm after storm after storm. There are times when He does change your situation overnight but there are also times when He makes you wait because he’s doing a greater thing in you. He changing your heart, your mind, your perspective on ways that you can’t even imagine for the better. And you have to trust Him. You have to need Him. We have I need Him. Even now, I still find myself dealing with the same two struggles. Trust in God. And faith in His ability and His works. A lot of my frustration comes from my lack in those two areas. It’s like, I have completely forgotten ALL OF THE OTHER THINGS that He’s down for me. None of which I deserved btw. Like, he’s a genie and I used up all of my wishes and now I have to figure hem out on my own. But He’s so faithful that He will supply my needs. Your needs. And so much more. You just have to trust and believe in Him. 

Becoming a Christian doesn’t make your problems go away, it helps you to know that your battles and struggles aren’t yours, they are the Lord’s and He is just waiting on us to give them to Him. To trust in his timing when we don’t understand. And to also be able to help other people when they go through the same things that we have already overcome. I can guaranteed that when you have had hardships, you knew exactly who you could talk to that would help you through it. Now, it’s your turn. Your opportunity to change someone else’s life. It’s a powerful thing.  

I challenge you, give your problems to God. Be specific in what you want Him to do for you and believe that He will do it. Ask Him to search your heart and to remove things that are not like Him. Ask Him for peace. Wisdom. Guidance. Love. Compassion. And comfort. Know that He’s got you. He’s never failed you before and He won’t. 

He loves you and so do I. Be blessed! 

– J. ❤️