A Sinner’s Prayer. 💗


Please forgive me. You love me oh so very much and for whatever reason I still have a hard time grasping that. Maybe it’s because at many times, I don’t feel like I deserve it. Even though I don’t. None of us do. But because you gave up your life for us, we are able to stand and say that You have a love for us that extends deeper than any ocean, and higher than any mountain top. Help me to know that You too in fact love me and that all I have to do is ask for Your forgiveness and just like that, I am forgiven. I am whole because you are with me. Help me to fully trust and know that Your plans are so much better than my own and that if I really surrender to Your will, you will do things that extend so much further than anything that I could have ever dreamed of. 

Thank you for being my best friend. 

Give my heart peace to trust in Your promises even when it may not look like you are still in control. Even when it doesn’t seem like the pieces are coming together. Even when I feel like I’m “behind schedule”. I could never be behind schedule when I am flowing in Your perfect timing. And oh Lord, give me the strength to share your love in this world where so many hate you. Help me to love them even when the easy thing to do is to hate in return. It is up to You that exists in me to rise above and to stand up for what is right. Search my heart and uncover what is not right in me, so that I can be healed. Give me the courage to move even when I don’t see a way, but instead to move in knowing that if you brought me this far, that you will continue to keep me and to provide for me. 

Any and everything that I need, it comes from You. 

When I am uncomfortable in my season, ease my anxious heart. Allow Your presence to overtake me and please take each and every struggle and hurt and fight on my behalf. I know that “no weapon formed against me, shall prosper”. Give me a passion for your Word and a fresh understanding of certain verses that have just become “words” that I say. I need you Jesus. I thank you for all that I do have. For all of the things that I once prayed for that You have blessed me with. And I thank you for the things that You have spared me from. For the things that You have brought me through, and will do in the future. Give me a heart of thanksgiving that I will always be appreciative of every season of my life. Mostly uncomfortable. But without comfort, is where I can truly come to be one with You. I grow. I become the woman that you would have me to be. 

– Your child, J. ❤️