A Seed Planted. 🌰

A few days ago, I went to the Tori Kelly concert and if you know me, you know I have a special love for her like no other artist Mostly for her raw talent, simplicity, love for God, and just overall genuine character. But there was one point in during the show that she was talking to the crowd and she made a point to say that “each person serves a purpose in this life and that God has such a special plan for each one of their lives. Not just theirs on that stage but all of us”. She was saying that need to stop comparing our lives to others and to embrace our own journey. It really struck a chord with me because that is so very true. Well all serve and important role in this life and If we trust God, He will show it to us and open up the doors for us to live it out. He wants to give. We just have to be willing to receive. 

It was then that one of my friends said,”There are so many people here that came just expecting a concert but have no idea what a major seed was just planted in their lives when she said that.” I could not agree with her more. God is amazing in how He works and allows things to happen. I can guarantee you that there are so many people there that night that either didn’t know Christ or were still trying to understand who He is that felt His touch in the very moment that she uttered those words and I just thank God in that moment for her allowing Him to use her like that. It’s powerful when we see people in positions like hers that still chose to give God glory and acknowledge His good works on this Earth. It is so very important and we use our lives and the platforms that we have big or small to always give God glory and tell people about His goodness. This doesn’t mean that we all have to figure out how to get famous or become President but instead, the task that God has given us, use it to reach people for His glory while also allowing Him to show us more and more what He wants us to do. Planting good seeds. 

Like I said before, God has given her such a powerful platform and a gift and I’m so glad that’s she’s taken the route that she did because she will be held responsible for all of the lives of people that she has reached. He allowed all of those doors to be opened in her life because He trusted her to know what to do when the time came, which was telling all about how great He truly is. And she did just that. Yay! Lol. Unfortunately, there are so many public figures that chose to get lost in everything being about them and lost in the material things instead of honoring God with their lives and decisions and they will be held responsible for every seed they planted when the time comes.

” 10 “Reassure the righteousthat their good living will pay off. 11 But doom to the wicked! Disaster!Everything they did will be done to them.
Isaiah 3:-11 | MSG”

You know that saying, you reap what you sow. It remains true in the lives that we choose to live and how we influence others around us. We have to make sure that we are using our lives to touch other on behalf of Christ. In doing this, yes, you may find yourself pulled away from those you used to be with all of the time, pulled away from shows you used to watch and music you used to listen to, but I am certain that if God can trust you, if He can trust that you will plant the right seeds, He will open up so many doors for you and make so many dreams come true for you. He loves you so very much. 

I have realized that I have to live my life for Him and use the platform that He has given me to love on others for His glory. Not mine. Everything that I post online is planting a seed. Every word that I say is planting a seed. I can only pray that you will really surrender to Him and get Him to be able to trust you. It’s the best decision that you can make. Though I am not perfect and I admit that, I can only hope to let His light shine through the way I am to others. 

 Are the seeds that you’re planting good seeds or bad? Are they giving life and glory to God, or nah? 

Be encouraged this week and as always, I am praying for you. Love you all! 

– J. 💗


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