2 Chronicles 7:17 “If” —— represents free will that God gives us to surrender to Him. He will never force us. He wants us to choose Him freely. You don’t like when people make you feel “forced” to do anything and they certainly don’t feel like it was genuine on their end. God is the same way. We have every choice and regardless of all of the mistakes that we make, He still wants us to come back so that He can forgive us and we can move forward. Move forward. Not back. We don’t have to be perfect, but more so just to love Him perfectly and continue to allow Him to have His way in our lives. It’s not always comfortable, but it’s without a doubt worth it. In loving Him this means, telling Him your struggles, your hurts, your doubts, and welcoming Him into your heart to reveal and confirm truth. Not always running to your friends or whoever or poring it online. But taking it to HIM. Allowing Him to bring out the power that already lies within you. He yearns for you. IF you just ask Him. 

All of the promises that God gives in the bible are conditional, but only on our side and not His. Everything that He said, He wants to give us and will IF we accept Him. There is literally nothing that He can’t do. Nothing. N O T H I N G. And He wants to give you everything. Everything. Only IF you receive Him in your life. This means YOU giving up the control, that you don’t really have anyway if stop to think about it. Let it go

I’m a part of a small “Connect Group” at my church with women of my similar interests, and we watched a video by Priscilla Shearer where she was saying that only “one in a million” persons really walk into the fullness of what God has for them. ONE IN A MILLION! Would you believe it? And at first I took a step back thinking, “What does she mean by that?” Once she went more into detail, she explained we tend to get to complacent in where our lives are right now, we only do the bare minimum to get by. Including in our relationship with Jesus as well. Like, we try not to sin, we go to church, we are good to people, etc. but that’s it. Nothing more. WHat God wants is for us to really delve into learning more about Him and His ways. Letting Him in to make the appropriate changes and to help us align our will with His. That video will sit with me for the rest of my life for the simple fact that I know what my life is like now, which isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty great! What if I really gave up my life to His will and what He has in store for me? It could get EVEN better than this? There is even more that I could possess because of Him? Really?! I’m going to take that have because I don’t have anything to lose anyhow………………

24 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it. 25 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self? –Luke 9:24-25 (NIV)

Interesting, if you keep your life, you’ll lose it…….IF you give it up to Christ, you’ll live and acquire even more than what you could have thought or asked. I don’t know about you but living in a world like this, I’d much rather give my life up and allow God to have His way. But the choice word is: IF. It’s completely your decision. No one can make you. You just have to do it. Nike says it best. I dare you. 

Even in my days to day actions, I find myself asking God for His guidance in even the little things. Stuff that may seem irrelevant or that you think is too small for God to concern Himself with. I go to Him with everything, because He’s my best friend. He’s my heart. In Him I have learned and am still learning what true love really is. He has opened my eyes to truth and thus changing my perspective and the way I live my life. I no longer worry myself with the rigs of this world that cause me I stress or doubt in His timing. I welcome Him in. He didn’t force me. I changed my IF to a YES. 

What will it take for you to do the same? 

He has His hand reaching out for you. Will you take it? Will you walk into a truth that shines in spite of this dark world that we live in? You know what it’s like to try to do things on your own or to turn to sex, drugs, and other things that have only left you hurt. Try another track. Try God

I pray for you and I pray that God will touch your heart and that you will turn your IF to a YES. Be encouraged.

Yours but more importantly His,

J. 💚