Direction. ๐Ÿ”„

I remember many times when I would get off of work feeling annoyed. Frustrated. Even angry. And I would try to call my mom. No answer. My best friend. No answer. My cousin. No answer. Everyone else……….you guessed it. NO ANSWER. My feelings would then move from where I was to feeling like no one cared. Silly, I know, but that was just how I was. Like, I didn’t have anyone to talk to (quite dramatic lol) and that I was all alone. Meanwhile, God was right there the entire time, waiting for me to reach out for Him. With His arms outstretched like, “I’m right here!” He had been there the entire time, but because I was putting more faith in my family and friends than Him, I didn’t feel like He was. I wanted conversation based on how I had always known it instead of trusting in the One who had created it all. 

It’s not to say that my family and friends didn’t care about me or how I was feeling, they just couldn’t get to the phone at the time. Which was okay. We all have lives, agendas, and responsibilities. These types of instances happened to me quite often and it took me a long time to realize what God was trying to get through my head. 

Psalm 118:8 says, 

8 “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

You can’t always count on people to be there when you need them to be. 9 times out of 10 when it really counts, they may let you down. It’s not always that they mean it, but they are just busy. We all are. Imperfect beings trying to navigate our way through this life and do the best that we can. It’s a tough reality, but when you realize this, you will rid yourself of so many disappointments. My mom is one of my absolute best friends, but even she doesn’t have all of the answers when I need it. She knows that. And it’s OKAY! It’s not her job to. It’s her job to tell me to lean on guidance from the Lord, which she does. Make sure that the people in your corner are pointing you in the right direction! If not, re-evaluate your corner. (that’s another post in itself) 

And to take it a step further, even when you are able to talk to your loved ones, it is still important to seek God to help you to know which advice to “let stick”. Being human, we only know what we know. We only know what we have experienced, whereas God will ALWAYS lead you in the right direction. Always. It’s amazing the eye opening moments and the “aah ha” moments I have had when hearing from Him. It’s truly astounding to me. And I want the same for you! 

“But God doesn’t answer me”, I used to say. “He’s not REALLY there”. He has ALWAYS been there, I just didn’t open myself up to receive Him. You have to really reach a quiet a peaceful place and ask Him to show Himself to you. And then wait for Him to do it. Wait for His instructions. His voice. That’s what it’s all about. He will NEVER fail you. Never. Our family and friends are there to provide all of the wisdom that they can, but when they fall short, and they will, we all will, God should be your ultimate source of guidance. Your best friend. 

Seek Him. Ask Him to continue to lead your life. Sit before Him. No distractions. Just you and Him. Ask Him to give you a heightened sensitivity to His voice and to direction from the Holy Spirit. To lead you when you study your Bible. To keep you in those low moments & high moments. God is NOT a God of confusion. He has all the answers, He’s just waiting on YOU to reach out for them! I’m so excited for the plans that He has for your life. Can’t wait to hear about them! Love you and be encouraged! 

– J. โค๏ธ