The End of 23. ðŸ’•

I cannot believe that I am 24 today! It’s kind of surreal to be honest! 😁. God truly is an amazing God! In reaching another year of life, there are so many things that I have learned an accomplished that I can’t even believe. It was this time last year, that I decided to fully give myself to God and really get out of the way. It was challenging and I did fall short a FEW times, but He is faithful and got me back on track. I was in a certain place at my job that was challenging me personally and professionally, & it was then, and only then, that He was able to get my attention regarding some changes that I needed to make in my life. A lot being how I spent my free time, music I was listening to, and so much more. It was also then that I felt closer to Him than I had in my entire life. 

I grew to purposely spend more time with Him. To actually hear from Him. To learn more about the Word. To talk to Him. To begin to pray so much more. To thinking of Him as my friend. My best friend. To adjusting the people in my inner circle. So many things! 

In the spring, my seester/cousin got engaged and it was then that I realized that all of the things God has promised were truly coming to pass and I couldn’t have been more excited! She was so happy because it was exactly what she had always wanted when she least expected it and I realized that that was exactly how God wants us to allow Him to move in our lives. As soon as she stopped expecting to get engaged was when it happened. Such a blessing! His perfect timing. 

I have grown so much in my career, really knowing that I need to trust God, and no matter what happens, He’s got me! So many relationships that I have developed and I’ve learned to really take credit for my work. Not being timid, but to stand up and take authority in my tasks! I even was able to get my new car solely because of God’s grace and this great job! He showed me that He is in control and He is able to do so much more than I could ever especially ask or think because I love Him! 

I joined a new church, by myself for he first time in my life, and boy was a nervous about it. I even kept looking for more reasons to not join at first, even though so many reasons to join were right in front of my face! I finally felt excited about being a part of a ministry again. About actually going to church. The people around me loved and wanted to share God’s love just as much if not more than I did! It really filled such a huge void that had been in my life. It felt fulfilling to I’ve back and to give my time in such a wonderful place. I was already singing with an amazing ministry but I joined the church’s praise team that I had wanted to be a part of for 2 years and the feeling I can’t even put into worlds! I’ve created so many relationships and built so many bonds that I had only dreamed of before. Though, I love my friends that I have had with all of my heart as well! I could go on and on but you understand……

I realized that since I had constantly struggled with how I saw and felt about myself, I had been settling in my relationships with guys…….& with my friends too. Relationships in general. I would take what little bit they would give me and believe that to be good enough because that was only what I deserved. God really used his Holy Spirit, the Word, my family, and my friends to show me what had taken me so long to grasp. I am so thankful to have them in my life! 

I FINALLY seriously embraced and began enjoying my singleness. Not being concerned about being behind or missing out. It’s when I trusted God with everything, and continued to look to Him instead of how the world was making me feel, that’s when I found the peace I had thought would only exist in a relationship. I also learned what I do and don’t want and need in a relationship. I wrote a post (My Prayer For Him) a couple of months back that highlights in detail my prayer for my future husband. I began praying for him every day, even before we meet because I trust in God to bring it to pass, and also to mold me into the wife that I’m going to be. I also stopped concerning myself with things that the world puts too much emphasis in when it comes to relationships instead of what really matters. Jesus is the reason! They should ALWAYS point you to get closer to Him. 

This year was FAR from perfect. Many challenges came and tried to take me and my family out but we leaned on God and fought through it with His direction. For a while, I didn’t really even want to celebrate my birthday due to things going on but I know that I can’t let God down along with giving he enemy exactly what he wants. It’s because I’m actively living for Christ along with impacting others, which makes him so mad! That’s the life of a Christian! If you aren’t getting attacked in one way or another, you’re not doing something right!

I love Jesus. I thank Him for another year of life! I’m learning so much of what my purpose is and how He is leading me more into it. I have an amazing support system and wouldn’t change a thing! I love you all and thank you for celebrating with me! 

– J. 💕