Trustworthy ?

In my new role at work, I spend about 12 hours a week in the office. Twelve. However, I still work for 40 hours. The other 28 hours I spend out in he field, completely alone. Like, I could take a drive to see the sights, catch a movie, take a nap, the list goes on…………..however, when my manager asks me about my week, I better be able to verify that I was using my time wisely and being active. He doesn’t babysit me, we don’t talk everyday, nor do we always see each other but the expectation has been set for how I am to behave in this new role.

There are so many people who act one way when their manager is around, but completely change once they feel that no one is watching. That’s a matter of your integrity. But regardless of who is or isn’t around……….Does is matter what God thinks as He observes you? Does that motivate you to act right? Is He the reason why you act in the way that you do?

It is because of Him that I continue to act right in those other 28 hours alone because I know that regardless of who I report to or work for, I will ALWAYS report to Him at the end of the day. It is He who opens or closes the doors in my life. He gives me the strength to press forward but I also have to do my part as well. My works. All that I can with what I have been given. To earn His trust. With the bigger. The greater.

So let me ask you this…..

Can God trust you?

Is what you do dependent upon who is around and watching? Even if you don’t like your job or role but know that this is where God has placed you for this season? Trusting in His ultimate plan and getting your schedule out of the way?

There are so many desires that I have in this life. So much I want to accomplish. But God can’t and won’t make them a reality if I can’t be trusted will all that He has given to me now. The things that I prayed for before.

“Jesus went on to make these comments: If you’re honest in small things, you’ll be honest in big things; If you’re a crook in small things, you’ll be a crook in big things. If you’re not honest in small jobs, who will put you in charge of the store? No worker can serve two bosses: He’ll either hate the first and love the second Or adore the first and despise the second. You can’t serve both God and the Bank.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭16:10-13‬ ‭MSG‬‬

Take care of what you have now & and work unto the Lord for His approval and praise, because you want to be pleasing to Him and you want Him to know that He can trust you, no matter how frustrated you might be. Trust in the process. He wants to bless you tremendously, but not if you don’t show an appreciation for what you have now.The things that He has given to you to increase your trust in Him.

I challenge you to take something that you have been only doing for the approval of man and turn and do it for the approval of God and I can guarantee that you will begin to experience great changes in your life! Take a walk of faith. Work an extra hour. Make that extra phone call. Do that extra task. I know that He has big things for you! He just needs to know that you will take good care of what He graces to you.

I can’t wait to hear about it! I pray your strength through the week && know that God loves you beyond measure.

Yours but more importantly His,

– J. ❤️