PSA. 👑


Know that you were created for a purpose. Everyday that you wake up, know that God still has so much in store that He wants to share with you. Do not let those who do not know His love or your true value make you feel any less than you are. You are a precious jewel. A gift. A blessing. Your body is a temple, a place for God to dwell. Don’t you dare let anyone make you feel like being a virgin is a bad thing or that you are “missing out on something”. You are missing out on something…….undue heartache, unnecessary soul ties, avoidable challenges that come with not honoring God with your body. You don’t want someone who is solely attracted to the way you look but could care less about your soul, about your Spirit. Your life. Your life with Him. 

If you aren’t a virgin, but are living a life of celibacy in the Lord, don’t you ever let the line “I mean, you didn’t make him wait so why do I have to wait?” have you out here second guessing your decision to submit your body unto God. You are deserving of the one who will wait for you, be celibate with you, and be strong enough to hold you accountable when you are weak because of how committed they are to Christ. That’s the love you want. 

“A woman should be so lost in God, that a man must seek Him to find her.”

I struggled with that quote because that meant that I had to wait for that time to come and I didn’t want to. It meant that I had to allow God to fully be in control of my life, and I didn’t want to. I had a fear that for whatever reason, if I fully got lost in Him, fully surrendered, He would think that I didn’t need a spouse, that I was good alone, even though marriage had always been a desire of mine. That’s a trick from the enemy trying to make you feel like God gave you a desire, only to keep it from manifesting in your life. 

This. Is. Absolutely. False. Period. 

Know this, if that’s a desire that He gave to you, He will give it to you. Especially since he directly relates marriage to the relationship between Christ & the church (his bride). Stay true to who you are. Stay true to what truly makes you happy. Give yourself to God so that He can grow, develop, and mold you into the woman that you were created to be. The impactful woman that will use love to each others. You are beautiful. You are special. You have purpose. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Spend time learning about your purpose, with the One who gave it to you. Trust in Him. He has plans for your life that surpass anything you could have ever imagined if you just give it up to Him. 

Remember that. Love you! 

 ⁃ J. 💕