From My Heart . 

To my Father,

To my Creator. My Savior. My Hope. Forgive me for falling short of giving you the appropriate praise and gratitude that you deserve each and every minute of every hour. Forgive me of the times that I continue to let you down, choosing myself over you, choosing my comfortable place over Your place of development, determining that staying in my place of sin is better than releasing these things to You and giving You the control that already is Yours anyhow. I come to you as a sinner who just wants Your presence. Who recognizes that an eternity without You isn’t worth living. Even for a second. My desire for You will only continue to grow like an eternal blaze that cannot be squelched but that will double in size. 

To my Best Friend. Thank you for being patient with me, though my patience runs thin with others around me, including myself. Forgive me of putting more trust in myself than that of my Master. For looking to my short-sightedness as opposed to the One who has ordained each and every breath that I take and will take. Who knows the seconds of everyday that I will spend on this earth. The One who’s love that I will never fully understand but will continue to be thankful for and will never outgrow. 

Forgive me of the times that I have made You feel like You aren’t worth my time, my sacrifice, my focus. Where I have continued to break your heart due to my selfish desires. Forgive me. Because You determined that I WAS WORTH IT. I was important enough for you to sacrifice your only Son knowing that I would let you down daily. And I cannot thank you enough. My hunger for you extends past anything sustenance can provide. My Living Water. My Daily Bread. Thank You. Thank You.

Forgive me for making you feel like my story and season isn’t good enough as I continue to compare it with the false illusion of what seems to be a virtual reality of others. For taking for granted my process, for giving the impression that my life wasn’t beautifully handcrafted by you before I was even conceived. For doubting that You will bring Your Promises to a reality. For not allowing You to just be You. 

Give me the strength Father. To love like You love. Unconditionally. To seek You out in all things. All things. To give you my all. To learn Your Word and hunger for more. Your Ultimate Instruction. Even though I still am working, your grace and mercy continues to guide me through. Keeps me. I just want to make You happy. To make Your name famous. 

Strengthen me. Love me. Keep me. Pour into me. Show me how to love & pour into others. Care for & teach others of your Awesomeness. My Best Friend. My Everything. 

Thank You. I need You. 

– Your Humble & Undeserving Servant. 



  1. Praying with you Jazmine.
    Loving Creator, open my eyes to the ways love makes the world more beautiful and more livable. And help me be on the lookout for opportunities to sow and share my own love, trusting that you can grow something stunning with it. Amen

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  2. Ohhh thank you Jazmine, I’m in love with your blog. Thanks God I found this, you have a really beautiful and powerful testimony which demonstrate how deep your love for God is.
    Guess what? I go to Citygate church and I’m looking forward to give you a hug.❤️

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