When I accepted Christ into my heart at 6 years old, I felt such excitement, such joy and happiness. Even at such a young age. Knowing that God sent His Son to die for my sins, take the punishment that I was supposed to get, and rose days later. How amazing. To know I get to go to eternity to be with Him. Wow! Salvation. 

What I didn’t welcome however 16+ years later was that with Salvation, knowing that I was “set apart” from others, that there was a special calling on my life that involved a special “process” that needed to take place. A shedding of snake skin if you will. That I didn’t want to have to endure. Being uncomfortable and actually letting go of my life. 

A season where it seemed like God was taking everything away from me that I relied on. My music. My movies. Friendships. Relationships. And even putting me in a job position that I spent months trying to run from because I didn’t think that I could do it, even though it was such a great opportunity. 

Where I would be exposed. Open. Forced to see the things that I so desperately wanted to hold on to, that He needed me to let go of. Worry. Fear. My safety blanket. My comfort zone. 

When you have a special calling on your life, you may find yourself feeling like you are squirming. Fidgeting. Frustrated & irritable. That’s God developing you. Stripping you of anything that would take your eyes off of Him. Your focus off of Him.

I’m currently in a season now where I’m being stripped of worry & fear. In a role where I LITERALLY have to rely on Him with my everything because I can’t do this alone. And it’s UNCOMFORTABLE. Breaking habits that I have spent years developing without even realizing. But it’s worth it. It’s worth overcoming because as long as I wake up and keep moving forward, I. Am. Winning. And so are you.

Only with His lead. His direction. His stripping of my layers and commanding my immature flesh to allow God to have full control. Many people miss out on what God has for them because they aren’t willing to set themselves aside for Him to develop them & they don’t think that the process is worth it.

I MUST over come worry and fear because God is neither of those things & I must be rooted in Him. If I worry about something so small now like a $ goal for work, why would He give me something bigger to manage in my purpose?  

It’s hard. But it’s worth it. Even growing spiritually I’m seeing God more and more. His presence. His ability. His strength. His love. And I am thankful.

Even before my purpose fully unfolds, I believe that He has big plans in store for me. Same for you if you trust Him!

Don’t run from the uncomfortable to stay in the familiar. God has so much more than this. Things He wants to share with you while on Earth, but you have to be willing to trust Him. Shut down your own abilities and follow Him. 

He has his hand outstretched, will you grab it?

Love you all.

– J.



  1. This Is so powerful Jazmine. Thank you for sharing your story, I have been in a situation when i couldn’t handle things in my life but the moment I surrendered it to my Heavenly Father; everything change and was better than I expected it.
    I am so glad I had to read your story, and guess what? I go to Citygate too, when I saw your picture I recognized you. No doubt that God lifted you up, blessed you beyond measure and let you know His perfect love that simply determine how you worship Him on stage every Sunday.


  2. Oh wow! That’s amazing & thank you so very much! I’m so blessed to know that you were able to make a connection & thank God for His ultimate plan! And also, we need to connect on Sunday girlfriend! That’s awesome & love you girl! 😘


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