It’s so funny because for months, I tried to avoid my new role. Months. I had numerous conversations with my boss at the time about me going in another direction, and he kept tabling it because he already knew that this was the best position for me. I prayed, told God I trusted Him, but I knew in my heart I didn’t think that I would be good in this role, that I would fail, that I wouldn’t be able to prove myself. But then once I got acclimated, I realized that this role wasn’t so bad, I wasn’t so bad, I actually really enjoyed it. And found out that I was pretty good at it.

As time went on, I realized why God had brought me to this position, other than the fact that He knew me better than myself but for so many other reasons as well. For example, in this role, I literally find myself having to walk in faith every day. Trusting in Him to lead me correctly, staying rooted in Him to help me overcome my fleeting emotions with the ups & downs, overcome over thinking, overcome doubt, worry, fear, & just allow Him to work out the process in me in this job. He’s teaching me to work unto Him, no matter who’s around. No matter how I’m feeling. To know that even when I don’t see Him working, He STILL working in my life. Every day that I get out of bed, I’m still growing. Every prayer that I pray, I’m growing in Him. He is my Source. He is my Provider. He is my Friend. He is.

Now, it’s one thing to have a head knowledge of Who He is because of the way I was brought up & hearing it in church, but to have a heart knowledge where I actually believe it, recognize it, and lean on this truth even when it feels like things aren’t coming together in my timing and plan.



I want you to know, even if you think you are in a place that God called you to be in, but you feel inadequate, continue to lean and trust in Him to guide and lead you. You’ll be surprised how He aligns the things in your life in your favor. Pray to see Him in everything and I can guarantee you will be more and more amazed at His glory every day. There’s always something deeper taking place when God makes a move in your life. ALWAYS. Period. I will always say that as long as you are taking another breath, you have a purpose. That will never change.

Know you are loved, covered, and are being sought out by our Heavenly Father, and it will all come together. Just keep your head up, you’re in good Hands!

Love you, yes YOU! Be Encouraged this week!

– J.