The Ultimate Timekeeper


When I think of the time, it’s normally connected to running out of the door to barely make a meeting at work, trying to get to church on time for set up, or even when everything is on schedule, the agreed upon hour to meet a someone for lunch. Now, I’m no stranger to trying to make and execute my schedule, but all to often, I find myself directly correlating the hands of a clock and God. Time & The Ultimate Timekeeper. I would imagine you do too.

We live in a world where there is so much of “….by this age you should be doing…..” “by this year you should be….” “Well its this year, you should have done….but now it’s too late.” The possibilities are endless. And unfortunately, when we begin to experience these notions, its easy to get anxious, worried, and possibly even doubtful. I’m 24, and I definitely thought that I would be or getting ready to be married and out on my own. As someone who is as single as a dollar bill, it’s safe to say that God had another plan. And I’ve finally reached a point where I’m okay with that. However, there are so many other things that I’ve been able to do in my singleness that I never would have imagined, nor would have been able to do if I was married now. God’s time, not mine.

When I was in college, I took a philosophy class where we discussed two terms that relate to time. Kairos & Kronos.

You’ve probably heard of these words before, and without digging out my old philosophy notes, kronos discusses time that exists within the hands of the clock. The 24 hours within a day. 12 months in a year. Your age. Your schedule.  You get the gist.

Kairos, however, is the execution of the actual moment or God experience itself. That opportune moment when He decides that it’s time to move you forward in the plan that He has for you. Has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the calendar, the clock, societal “norm”, your age, or expectations. God has told me that I will be married, given me so many insights into my purpose and all that He has in store for me, but shame on me for trying to give Him a time limit to bring all of these truths to fruition.

I can’t look at it like, I’m 24 now so I should have…………….it doesn’t work like that. I had to learn and understand that I am on a journey with Him, and when He sees fit, He will align everything to come together quite perfectly. Having nothing to do with the clock. He exists outside of time. The ultimate Time Keeper.

This revelation honestly blew my mind. I know that I had to do a little bit of setting up this go around, but I can guarantee that when you make this correction with regards to His timing, it will help to stop feeling like time is against you, and instead lean on The Lord, who is absolutely for you. It took some time for me to grasp this, but I am so much happier now. I can finally focus on what He wants me to do right now, as well as what He wants to do for and through me. And you!

Pray for direction, peace, focus, and as always, be encouraged!

Love you & get busy,