Oh God. Be a comfort to me. My broken spirit. Heal my mind. Take my thoughts, wants, desires. Align them with Yours. You gave them to me anyway. Save me. My broken heart. Fill every part of my life that is lacking in you. Every part. Keep me. Wrap me in your arms. God I need You. Save me. My broken mind. I beg for your mercy. Your grace. Forgive me. Love me. Help me to love me. To better love others. You have such a special future for me. Your broken daughter. You take the pieces and create a masterpiece better than anything I could have ever imagined.

I wait for your instruction. I give you my life. I thank you for choosing me. For calling me. You are God. God alone and you don’t make any mistakes. I was not a mistake. I was created beautifully in Your image. I seek out your presence. Your touch. Your Spirit. I cry out for You. Desperately. I, Your broken child. In you, I am no longer broken but a story of hope in this lost and dying world. All because of You. Give me the strength to continue. Give me the passion. The dedication. Help me to let go of my life and to fully surrender it into You. Save me. Keep me. Broken. No longer.

Help me to know that whenever I feel like a complete and total failure that your love is unconditional. It is never failing. And though I am far from perfect. You give me the courage and direction to keep on going. In this world, sinning is in our nature. But in You we are cleansed and made whole again. My best friend. My first love. My everything. In You I am no longer broken.


You fit the pieces of me back together and bind them with a love that will outlast any sharp edge that tries to rip me back apart. Oh my sweet & generous Father, who has no real NEED for me, but a DESIRE for me which is why I was even created. In a world where so many have turned their back on You, I surrender my all to You. Even in my uncomfortable moments, though Your Son was THE MOST uncomfortable for me, I will trust You. When my emotions want to run away with me, I will remember that You are in control. You love me. I’ll never fully understand, but I thank You.

– Your thankful, yet undeserving daughter,

– J.