Love The You He Made 

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I went to a reception for my cousin. I honestly had been looking forward to it, not only to celebrate the union of the McClouds, but also with our ever growing family, this would be one of 4 times a year that I get to see this side of my kin-folk (lol).

While in route, I had been working up my best answers to the obligatory, “catch up” questions that were bound to surface……..”How’s work going?” “Are you dating?” “Did you move out yet?”, etc. And I have to be honest with you, as excited as I am to link back up with my family, I have constantly allowed many questions like these to give my insecurities a chance to blossom into comparison and self-destruction.

It’s like letting my insecurities take the lead when I enter a room waiting for what I lack (or appear to) to overtake the good that I am doing…….because I never fully as I like to say, nipped those thoughts & feelings ‘in the bud’. I will say though that I have been spending a lot of time asking God to break these cycles in my mind and routine, to heal my heart from past hurts, show me how to forgive myself for not being perfect, give Him my timelines, and show me how to love me the way that He does. It’s truly been a refreshing process overall and as per usual, uncomfortable.

However, while at the reception, I decided that I was going to fully embrace the me that God loves so much, put one foot in front of the other and enjoy this season and phase of life that He has graced me to see. That, however wasn’t even the highlight of such a fun night.

It wasn’t until my aunts and cousin made it a point to specifically tell me how proud they were of me for what I have been doing, how bright of a future I have, and what an inspiration I am. I still can’t think of the right words to formulate how much that meant to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a blog & podcast to showcase what I’m doing right, but more so what I’ve done wrong and how I have learned from my mistakes to help someone else. I want you to find the God-given strength that is within you to change the world around you for the better.


It was as if their encouraging words were the icing on the cake of my growth and healing phase. I took a step back and thought to myself, “You know what, they’re right!” I will never forget that moment. Like, their words snatched what was left of my insecurities and sent right back where they belonged, in the trash. It wasn’t about me not being here or there in my life but what I am doing right now & how God is connecting the dots in my life. I am grateful to Him for using that moment to truly minister to me.

I want to take the time to give that same encouragement to you! How proud I am of you, for getting up every day, doing what you have to do, and stepping one step closer to your destiny. Keep up the great work, your strides are not unnoticed.
Be encouraged this holiday season and know that you are THE BOMB!

Love you and talk to you soon.

Yours but more importantly His,



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