The Power of Prayer. 

When I was younger, I felt like I was always snatched up in somebody’s prayer. But it was BORING! People hollering, crying, and yelling all around me. Clapping their hands. Speaking gibberish (I was like 11), & I all I wanted to do was watch The Powerpuff Girls. Lol.

My grandmother always told me that prayer changes things. She would pray with me every night before bed for what felt like hours. Fortunately for me, it was something that my family accustomed me to even though at the time, I didn’t appreciate it.

At 25 years old, I literally have become the same woman prayer like that of my mom, aunts, grandmother, etc. Which is funny since I had always said “it didn’t take all of that” to talk to God. Now let me say this, sometimes a simple part could be talking to God like talking to your best friend. I actually do both and either way that you decide to do it, prayer changes things.


I’ve learned that in my time with the Lord, I’m communicating with him my thoughts, my hurts, my desires, my fears, & so much more because he’s my best friend and just wants to hear from me. That’s all, just time spent with Him without any distractions and sitting patiently waiting for anything that He may want to say to me. It’s actually quite a surreal feeling knowing that He’s always there, just waiting for us to reach out to Him. That’s the power of prayer.

We live in a world where there are so many things that require our attention, where we feel that we have to do something, find all of the answers ourselves, as if God isn’t already in control. It can be challenging to truly stop and take a second to see God for HIs guidance. His wisdom. His direction.

Unfortunately, it can seem to be a last resort when in reality, it should be the first thing out of our mouths. We should be seeking God, especially now like never before because He knows and is able to give us everything that we need.

We just have to ask Him. Seek Him. Trust Him.

I challenge you this week to reach out to Him & ask for direction. If He answers, follow Him. If He doesn’t yet, stay focused at what He’s graced you to do until He does. And He will.

I’m believing for the best week of your life this week. Pray for me as I pray for you.

Yours but more importantly His,