Place of Heaven

I love my car. No like, I LOVE my car. I have a little (my friends constantly remind me) 4-door sedan and I am in love with it. Now, the obvious freedoms that come with having a car, yes. But I more so love my car because it’s the place where I can literally just enjoy time with myself. Time with God. I get in the car, turn it on, get my music going and it’s like I’m in a totally different place.

Now let me stop right there as I know what you’re probably thinking….I am a safe and alert driver. Lol. I really am so don’t fret if you’re ever with me and I offer to drive. You will be safe, I promise. lol

IMG_8544 2.jpg

Now that we got that out of the way. Lol. I believe my car to be my little place of heaven. A place of heaven is a place you go to and just feel so at peace and are able to truly just be happy. To me, happiness, in this sense, is where I can turn on my worship music and I can just think, pray, and talk to God. I can be honest with Him. I can talk through what’s bothering me, worrying me, what makes me happy, frustrations, the list goes on and on. Music from the speakers surrounds me and I’m just in my happy place.

Yea, it sounds intense, but it works for me and I’m thankful.

So with that, I ask you this, What is your place of heaven?

What is your happy place? Is it your room, is it vacation, (I, too, love the beach as I didn’t grow up near one), is it time with the ones you love?

If you don’t know, I challenge you to look into it and start enjoying it! I truly does wonders.

Find it. Enjoy it. Love it. I’ll talk to you soon.

– J.