Dear Mr.,

Hey you……my future husband.

Let me just say this, God “be knowin’”. I am so thankful He has decided to postpone our marriage even up to this point. I am nowhere near the woman I used to be when it comes to when I believed we would be married. I have grown so much and learned so more about what being Godly wife looks like. Though, I know that I can never be 100% ready for marriage, I think I have a pretty good idea of the basics. For example, I look forward to praying for you each and every day, though I am doing that right now before I even know you. Good habits take time, so there’s no point in waiting.

I look forward to loving you. Not just when I feel like it, but in making the constant decision to love you no matter what. Due to God bringing us together, you will become my mission. To do my best, with His help, to support you, encourage you, help you, follow you as He gives you the direction for our family. I want to be the woman you want to wake up to every day, the mother to your children, and the person you LITERALLY do life with.


I look forward to being your best friend, your safe place. A place where you can store some of your most intimate moments, secrets, and experiences. My heart looks forward to the days we get to spend together, the extended phone calls, “I love you” texts, and times of prayer and worship together.

God has shown me that strength is choosing to remain silent and to let Him do that work than try to force my perspective. Whether right or wrong. It is my job to help you. I can’t help but grin when I imagine myself on our wedding day, you seeing me for the first time as I walk towards you and promise before God and our loved ones to remain by your side, regardless of where life takes us. Choosing to submit my singleness to God, accepting the call of marriage and the responsibilities that come with it.

Now, I’m not going to be perfect. In fact, I will fail many times, but I am committing myself to ask God to make me better every day. I choose you. I choose to wait for you. And though the wait seems so long some days, I know God is developing in my the patience and perseverance that I will need in our union.

I tear up writing this just thinking of how faithful of a God we serve for Him to think of me when creating you. I am honored to be prepared for you, even on the days both our pride and egos will get the best of us. lol. I can definitely be spicy at times, but I’m a work in progress.

Thank you for being you, I look forward to meeting you.

Yours but most importantly, His,

  • J.