New York, New York

Hi friends,

Over Labor Day weekend, my family and I took a much-needed vacation to New York City. We stayed down near Times Square and weaved in and out from borough to borough, subway to subway, soaking in a much as we could in three days.

As per usual after a trip, I have thoughts:

1. New York is so rich in culture and diversity. Almost 9/10 times I would assume a person’s nationality and then they would start talking and I would see how wrong I was. 🤷🏾‍♀️ It was pretty awesome!

2. I may not be crazy about my car note, but boy was I ready to be back to my own wheels. The subway wasn’t so bad, but to think of this as a daily move ain’t my ministry. Granted, we stayed a few short blocks from Times Square, so that probably makes a huge difference. Lol.

3. On Sunday, went to church with my childhood friend and it was so incredible to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached in such a profound way, even at a church that wasn’t mine. I think sometimes we can get lost in our own churches that it’s refreshing to feel His love in a totally different environment. It reiterated the fact that God is strategically planting His people all over the planet with one mission: to lead others to Him. My heart was so full. 💕

4. We literally napped every day because of how tired we were moving through the city.

5. For my super deep saints, I noticed how fast paced everything is and, though it was exhilarating, it was also exhausting. It’s a scary thought to think how easily we can lose God in our day to day when we rush from place to place. He’s always present, but we feel Him most when we are silent, seeking His Peace, with little distractions. Just my thoughts, of course.

6. New York is NOT for the weak of heart or of breath. Lol. My clean workout clothes nested comfortably in my suitcase after venturing from block to block. I wasn’t even pretending that I was going to work out. It’s fine, I’m getting back to it, this week.

7. This trip was amazing, but home was definitely missed.

Until next time, lil homie. 🗽🌇🍎

Yours but most importantly, His,