We. Are. All.

I was having a conversation with my leader recently and we were discussing my frustrations with my peers as well as my leadership team. Unfortunately, I tend to fall into a place of self-righteousness that causes me to feel like only I can teach others due to my “ground-breaking” relationship with God. As if God doesn’t orchestrate moments and interactions with multiple outcomes in mind. Sigh. Lol.

Anywho, I was sharing my challenges with him and he quickly stopped me and said,”Jaz, you have to understand…….she is like……..she thinks like……….he is like……..he thinks like……” As we continued to talk, I felt humbled as God used this conversation to minister to me about the beauty of human beings. The unique differences that can seem frustrating when trying to achieve the same goal, but if we let it, they also can help us to understand God that much better.

As my leader continued to speak, my frustrations transitioned from annoyance to compassion. A desire to create understanding with my team and to also love them that much better. It’s not just about me being right, pointing out their wrongs, or showing myself superior, but instead showing the love of Christ and understanding we are all made in the image of God.

This is the written account of the descendants of Adam. When God created human beings,[a] he made them to be like himself. He created them male and female, and he blessed them and called them “human.” — Genesis 5:1-2

It reminded me of a passage from Jackie Hill Perry that described a relationship in a marriage delving into the understanding that both man and woman were made in the image of God and should be nurtured and honored.

It’s not always about being right. — I know. A tough pill to swallow. Especially coming from someone who LOVES being right. Lol. It’s quite humbling, honestly. To know that the beauty of God exists in some many different forms and genetic makeups. Incredible.

I say all of this to say, we must do better with listening to one another. Showing compassion. Praying for wisdom in our dialogue. Discernment in our disagreements. Resolutions over the triumph of one another. Not the most popular decision, but the most productive.

What are your thoughts? I want to hear from you!

Thanks for reading. I love you all so much!

Yours, but most importantly, His,