Goals are GREAT! These are the goals that I am setting to have accomplished. When? I’m not entirely sure. As time goes on, I’ll be updating them, but for now, let’s start here.

(written: December 6, 2016 )


  • Visit Greece
  • Visit Thailand & swim with elephants
  • Visit Australia
  • Visit Las Vegas ✔️
  • Visit Morocco/Africa
  • Visit Maldives
  • Visit Bahamas/Jamaica✔️
  • Visit California ✔️
  • Visit UAE
  • Visit Gun Range✔️
  • Go on a family Christmas trip
  • Girl’s Trip with best friends✔️
  • Mission Trip✔️
  • Go on a cruise


  • Pay off all credit cards
  • Save $1000✔️
  • Save $5000
  • Save $10,000
  • Multiple streams of income ✔️
  • Pay off my 2015 Carolla
  • Pay off student loans


  • Continue to grow in my relationship with God
  • Minister before over 10,000 people
  • Become an effective song writer
  • Go to Christian conference ✔️
  • Grow my YouTube channel/following
  • Become comfortable in Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Become a freelance photographer
  • Obtain my Masters Degree in Communication
  • Become a graphic designer
  • Learn the guitar
  • Learn the piano


  • Sponsor a child in 3rd world country ✔️
  • Get a tattoo✔️
  • Get a vibrant hair color/highlight✔️
  • Grow my natural hair to bra strap length
  • Wear my natural hair straight✔️
  • Minister to teenage/young girls✔️
  • Go on a girls trip with family


  • Marry the man God created for me
  • Go on mission trips with my husband
  • Begin working on 2-3 (or however many HE says) children…after a few years. Lol
  • Build/Remodel our own home
  • Become a godparent
  • Host a large dinner/gathering in our home
  • See lost loved ones choose Jesus
  • Go on family vacations


  • Complete a 7-Day Detox
  • Go to the spa.
  • Radically change my diet. ✔️
  • Drink only water for 3 months
  • Participate in a half marathon ✔️
  • Restoration in my knees to be able to run consistently again
  • Get in the best shape of my life


  • Write a critically-acclaimed book
  • Be on the cover of a major magazine
  • Write and record major albums
  • Be an award-winning song writer and composer
  • Perform on a major stage of an awards show
  • Speak at a major Christian/Empowerment conference
  • Travel the world for ministry
  • Collaborate with other well-known creatives/worship leaders